This Week

Week 15 (Apr. 14-Apr. 18)

Painter & Jeffery Ch.9, Geopolitics and Antigeopolitics

Falah, G.‐W., C. Flint, and V. Mamadouh. 2006. Just War and Extraterritoriality: The 
popular geopolitics of the United States’ War on Iraq as reflected in newspapers of 
the Arab world. Annals of the Association of American Geographers, 96(1): 142‐164.

Week 14 (Apr. 7-Apr. 11)

No readings – watch “Fog of War”

Week 13 (Mar. 31-Apr. 4)

Painter & Jeffery Ch.8, Imperialism and Colonialism

Huntington, S. 1993. The clash of civilizations? Foreign Affairs, 72(3): 22‐49.

Bassin, M. 2007. Civilisations and their discontents: Political geography and geopolitics
in the Huntington thesis. Geopolitics, 12: 351‐374.

Week 12 (Mar. 24-28)

Till, K. 2003. Places of memory. In A companion to political geography, (eds.), J. A.
Agnew, K. Mitchell & G. Ó Tuathail, 289‐301. Malden: Blackwell Pub.

Webster, G. 2011. American Nationalism, the Flag, and the Invasion of Iraq. The
Geographical Review, 101(1): 1‐18.

Week 11 (Mar. 17-21)

Painter & Jeffery Ch.7, Nationalism and Regionalism

Billig, M. 1995. Flagging the homeland daily. Banal nationalism. Thousand Oaks, Sage, 93-127.

Leib, J. 2011. Identity, Banal Nationalism, Contestation, and North American license plates. Geographical Review, 101(1), 37-52.

Week 10 (Mar. 10-14)

Spring break

Week 9 (Mar. 3-7)

No readings – work on take-home exam

Week 8 (Feb. 24-28)

Painter & Jeffery Ch.6, Identity Politics

B. Arbour and J. Teigen. 2011. Barack Obama’s ‘‘American’’ problem: Unhyphenated Americans in the 2008 elections. Social Science Quarterly, 92(3): 563-587.

Week 7 (Feb. 17-21) Blog posts due Wednesday – pick two articles for your post

K. Pauliina and H. Jouni. 2011. Young people’s voiceless politics in the struggle over urban
space. GeoJournal, 76(1): 63-75.

R. Murdie and C. Teixeira. 2011. The impact of gentrification on ethnic neighbourhoods in Toronto: A case study of Little Portugal. Urban Studies, 48(1): 61–83.

Brenner, N., and N. Theodore. 2005. Neoliberalism and the urban condition. City, 9(1): 101‐107.

J. Lubin. 2012. The ‘Occupy’ Movement: Emerging protest forms and contested urban spaces. Berkeley Planning Journal, 25(1): 184-197.

Week 6 (Feb. 11-14)

Painter & Jeffery Ch.5, Politics and the City

Week 5 (Feb. 3-7)

Painter & Jeffery Ch.4, Democracy, Citizenship, and Elections

Staeheli, L., P. Ehrkamp, H. Leitner, and C. Nagel. 2012. Dreaming the ordinary: Daily life and the complex geographies of citizenship. Progress in Human Geography, 36(5): 628-644.

Week 4 (Jan. 27-31)

Passi, A. Territory. In A companion to political geography, (eds.), J. A. Agnew, K. Mitchell & G. Ó Tuathail, 109-122. Malden: Blackwell Pub.

Agnew, J. 1994. The Territorial Trap: The Geographical Assumptions of International Relations Theory. Review of International Political Economy, 1(1): 53-80.

Week 3 (Jan. 22-24) No class on Monday (MLK Holiday)

Readings for Wednesday: Painter & Jeffery Ch.2, State Formation

Newman, D. Boundaries. In A companion to political geography, (eds.), J. A. Agnew, K. Mitchell & G. Ó Tuathail, 123-137. Malden: Blackwell Pub.

Painter & Jeffery Ch.3, From Welfare State to Workfare State (optional)

Week 2 (Jan. 13-17)

Readings for Wednesday: Allen, J. 2003. Power. In A companion to political geography, (eds.), J. A. Agnew, K. Mitchell & G. Ó Tuathail, 95-108. Malden: Blackwell Pub.

Staeheli, L. 2003. Place. In A companion to political geography, (eds.), J. A. Agnew, K. Mitchell & G. Ó Tuathail, 158-170. Malden: Blackwell Pub.

Week 1 (Jan. 6-10)

Readings for Wed: Painter & Jeffery Ch.1, Politics, Geography and Political Geography

Flint, C. 2003. Dying for a “P”? Some questions facing contemporary political geography. Political Geography, 22(6): 617–620.


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