Teaching Team

Instructor: Dr. Steven Radil

SAMSUNG Steven Radil is an Assistant Professor of Geography at Ball State University with expertise in geopolitics, political geography, urban geography, and geographic technology. His primary research focuses on how political agency and power may be theorized geographically and the importance of context at multiple scales for political outcomes. He also has interests in critical, qualitative, and participatory approaches to geographic technologies as a way to engage with issues of power. At Ball State, he teaches introductory courses in geopolitics and geographic information systems (GIS) and advanced courses in political geography, urban geography and the social dimensions of geographic technology. He earned his Ph.D. in Geography at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


Teaching Assistant: Jake Ressler

ressler_bio_pic Though I have no “hometown” in the traditional sense, I like to think of coming from everywhere rather than nowhere.  Mine is a nomadic background and my roots spread throughout communities across the U.S. and overseas — including the so-called “Third World” context, with first-hand exposure to human suffering worldwide.  This upbringing produced a similar adult lifestyle that involved nearly a year of willful homelessness while hitchhiking around the country, enrollment at four universities prior to BSU, and acquisition of a two-year degree in Disaster Management. These experiences inspired a passion for geography, particularly geopolitics, and the belief that civilization is the central cause for deterioration of the human condition; like denatured tissue turned cancerous, such is the effect of civilization within the natural world.  Much as a doctor alleviates the suffering of a cancer patient while seeking a cure, my intent is to alleviate the suffering of humanity caused by civilization.  For this reason, I’ve designed my own undergrad degree — focused on geopolitics, disaster management, and GIS — through the Honors Medallion Scholars program.



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