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Geopolitics and Anti-Geopolitics

Geopolitics is difficult to define, as since it came into use before the 1900s, it has, as could be expected, changed and evolved its meaning substantially. In the beginning, it meant what could easily be inferred, politics pertaining to geography, … Continue reading

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Fog of War

Having now seen Fog of War fully, rather than just clips shown in other classes, I would change my view of it, and would gladly recommend it to people. It tells of Robert McNamara’s views on warfare, and how he … Continue reading

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Chapter 8 talks about imperialism, colonialism, and in a sense, racism. Painter and Jeffrey explain these concepts using the standard example of, of course, Europe. The general idea and process of imperialism then, is as follows: One civilization explores until … Continue reading

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Places of Memory

The first reading for the week, Karen E. Till’s Places of Memory, discusses the idea of using places as a form of nationalism, so that memorials, monuments, museums, and the like become more than what they are, they become symbols … Continue reading

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Nationalism and Regionalism

In Chapter 7, Painter and Jeffrey talk about nations, nationalism, and how both have evolved over time, going from simple definitions to becoming something complex and difficult to define. In talking about nations, there are three perspectives commonly used by … Continue reading

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Identity Politics

Identity, another word in politics that means something different than what you think it means. Painter and Jeffrey, in Chapter 6, define identity as it applies to politics, which are the categories that voters fit into, such as age, gender, … Continue reading

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Gentrification and the 99%

From skimming through all the articles, I got the idea to see if I could find any links between gentrification and the occupy movement, examining who was responsible in each case to see exactly what appeared. In the article on … Continue reading

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