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Geopolitics can be simply defined as politics that are influenced by geographic and country boundaries that occur in the world.Painter and Jeffrey discuss how the recent “war on terror’ has made this idea of geopolitics to rise in political prominence, … Continue reading

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I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie Fog of War which discussed Robert Mcnamara’s role in WWII, The Cold War, and the Vietnam war! Throughout the movie, he hits 11 major points that are key to understand when in a conflict, … Continue reading

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Identity Politics and Social Movements

This chapter by Painter and Jeffrey brings up some new concepts that we have not yet discussed in class but I feel that we have hinted or lead up to. They discuss identity and social movements.             The chapter began … Continue reading

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Urban Politcs, Public Space, and the Youth! Get it!

The two articles I chose to write my blogs on are Lubin’s ‘The Occupy Movement: Emerging Protest Forms and Contested Urban Spaces” and Kallio and Hakli’s “Young people’s voiceless politics in the struggle over urban space”.             The first article, … Continue reading

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Democracy and Elections and Citizenships… oh my!

This weeks reading takes on a different approach the the previous readings. While the articles on power, place, territory, and the state were ambiguous, the reading on citizenship, elections, and democracy seem to take on a more concrete perspective. It … Continue reading

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Agnew’s article on territory had left me quite confused. It was a hard read for me but I think I was still able to get some main points he was trying to deliver. He starts by saying there are two … Continue reading

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The State

The chapter on “The Formation of the State”, in my opinion, seems very similar to the article on Place that west discussed in class last week. The first instance where I noticed the vast similarities was right off the bat … Continue reading

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