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I stepped into the ballroom at the student center to the sound of drums; the playing of drums always sets me at ease, which was nice because I wasn’t particularly thrilled to be attending the lecture when I first got … Continue reading

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Pain and Forgiveness

Emens auditorium filled to standing room with people all there to hear one woman speak about her hardships and how she overcame them but most importantly how she was able to forgive. Eva Kor and her twin sister Miriam, born … Continue reading

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Watching the film I feel like the world’s perspective of itself is constantly changing. Mr. Macnamara puts a lot if importance on the value of hindsight. Being able to look back on our country’s past is the luxury of reading … Continue reading

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While the Huntington reading is talking about imperialism when it talks about modern/ future conflict sources being cultural in nature, I see this as being more of a source countries diverging and separating from one another. In Europe we see … Continue reading

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In Crimea a vote was held to determine whether they would secede from the Ukraine to join Russia or not. Crimea has long been an asset vied for by Russia and much of its population make up are Crimean-Russians. The … Continue reading

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Who we are.

The identity a person carries with them is both given to them by the place the inhabit and the people.they inhabit it with. It is picked up from people and place we are exposed to which means that this is … Continue reading

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In the city

Looking at the articles I was most interested in the youths’ political struggle with the park and and the ability to use this public space. The aspect that caught my eye was the way they expressed their feelings about the … Continue reading

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