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Geopolitics is a term that I may or may not have spent the last few years of my academic experience believing that I understood. It seems straightforward enough; geo-politics, or geographical politics. However, as with every term and/or concept throughout … Continue reading

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Eva Kor, Extra Credit

Any story of survival and triumph is a story that will inspire. It will inspire emotions, inspire actions, and possibly inspire changes of a mental state or viewpoint. In the case of survival stories in relation to the Holocaust, there … Continue reading

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Shaffer Chapel

The issues that were presented during the tour of the Shaffer Chapel were some that I had no prior knowledge of. This includes both the tragic story of the lynching of the young black men down in Marion who were … Continue reading

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Imperialism has been thrown around in my social studies classes for many years now. New ideas about it are presented every class, but it is the same for all intensive purposes. The simplest definition that I learned was that imperialism … Continue reading

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Places of Memory

When I began my reading on the topics, I found myself a little lost initially. All the concepts that we have become familiar with over the course are present, however, this idea of “social memory” is a strange one. After … Continue reading

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Identity Politics

The recurring themes throughout the readings for this class always prove to be fascinating. In this case, focusing on the theme of “all is not what it appears”. Identity is a term and concept that I am familiar with. It … Continue reading

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Politics and the City

It is no surprise that with this new concept of “urban politics”, we are yet again presented with an incredibly ambiguous term. While having many meanings, it does not really have one. The previous concepts of “place” and “territory” can … Continue reading

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