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Why Did We Go Into Iraq Again?

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I didn’t know how interesting geopolitics was until I realized that my interest in world politics, and politics in general, is so very connected to geopolitics. I am even starting to realize … Continue reading

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Documentaries and Geopolitics

Before seeing Fog of War, I was not nearly as excited for geopolitics. After reading what geopolitics is about and watching the documentary, I feel differently. I had no idea who Robert McNamara was and what he did for international … Continue reading

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Imperialism and Today

There are difficulties that I have with our book, Political Geography, and Joe Painter and Alex Jefferey. This chapter is one of them. I appreciate that they have talked about Edward Said, as his work is one of the most … Continue reading

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Monuments (of) Men?

Karen Till in the chapter on places of memory hit a topic that resonates with me and how I interpret places and their meaning to the local population. That topic is of how places of memory in a nation’s capitol … Continue reading

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Nationalism and Regionalism: Northwest Indiana

The first thing I would like to talk about is under the subject of nationalism with Michael Billig’s “Banal Nationalism.” Banal Nationalism includes everyday events or items that communicate the nation to citizens, also called ‘flagging.’ These omnipresent notions of … Continue reading

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Identities: We All Have One (Or Several)

To begin, the article on voting in the 2008 election is an excellent example of people and their acceptance or discrimination towards a person based on one particular identity. This really relates to some of the ideas in the text, … Continue reading

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Neoliberalism and Portuguese-Canadians

So I entered this assignment by briefly reading a little bit of each of the four articles. I ended up gravitating more towards the Toronto’s Little Portugal and the article on neoliberalism. What I would like to begin with is … Continue reading

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