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Geopolitics and stuff

From what I can gather from the chapter Geopolitics is the ordering, arrangement, and classification of the earth.  In practice this could relate to the invasion of a country or lending aid to a place in need.  I think it … Continue reading

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Fog of War

This film was in an essence a life story on the interesting part of the life of former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara.  The bulk of the film talked mostly about the cold war and all the things that the … Continue reading

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Finally, a word that means what I have always thought it meant.  This week we are looking at Imperialism and the effects that that has had on cultures through out time.  This chapter opens with the example of Australia and … Continue reading

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Place of Memory

In the article “Places of Memory”, the author writes about the sacralization of national imaginaries, the change of political regimes and the conflict over national places. Looking at these examples the article goes on to discuss how we as humans … Continue reading

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I’m a Nation, get it!

Chapter 7 deals with nations and the power that a nation can have on the people who reside within its borders.  Nationalism can be both a good and a bad thing where as nationalism can inspire liberation from oppression (American … Continue reading

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Can I see your Id please?

This chapter starts with an introduction to a word that just like all the others we have discussed in this class has a much deeper meaning than what we have been taught.  The authors define identity as a common idea … Continue reading

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99 problems but Wall Street aint one

The two articles that I chose for discussion were the Judy Lubin article on the “Occupy” movement as well as the article by Kallio Kirsi Pauliina and Häkli Jouni regarding “voiceless politics”. The beginning of the “Occupy” article did what I believe … Continue reading

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Politics and the City

A city is the conceptualization of a thought where people interact and connect.  This chapter goes into the details of what a city is what what makes up a city.  The chapter opens with homeless people sleeping in a New … Continue reading

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Citizenship and Voting

This chapter on democracy, citizenship, and elections I thought was a much better read than a few of the previous readings that we have encountered.  This reading can be broken up into three sections.  These sections are as simple as … Continue reading

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Spaces, Places, and Territories Oh My!

Its that point in the semester, the time of year where everything slowly starts to mold together and form one large idea.  That for me is these two articles.  We talked about spaces, and we gave them a definition, we … Continue reading

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