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Active and Passive Protesting

The first article I chose to analyze was “Young people’s voiceless politics in the struggle over urban space,” by Pauliina and Jouni. The article begins by explaining that the city of Oulu gated and partially closed one of its downtown … Continue reading

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Politics and the City

Chapter five introduced the idea of politics and the city.  The chapter opened by expressing that there is no really set definition of what a city actually is. Surprise! This is yet another concept in the book that has no … Continue reading

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Citizenship. This word is yet another intriguing concept introduced in our readings. It is also a term that has no specific definition, which is somehow magnificently similar to the other conceptual ideas we have been introduced to thus far. Also, … Continue reading

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The State

Achieving statehood is the ultimate goal for any particular group defining itself as a nation, and here we are introduced with the idea of state formation. When looking at state formation, one has to be able to understand the concept … Continue reading

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Hey everyone!  My name is Dascha Rhodes. I am currently a senior at BSU and I am majoring in professional meteorology/climatology, GIS, and comprehensive geography. I also have a minor in emergency management and homeland security. I am from Greenfield, … Continue reading

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     Place is a concept that seems like it would seem like a particularly simple word that would be easy to describe, when in actuality there are many technical parts that comprise a definition. A simple definition is too … Continue reading

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