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As I understand it, geopolitics is the study of the effects of geography on international politics and international relations. Geopolitics is considered to be a method of analysis for foreign policies. Through this analysis, we can comprehend, understand and predict … Continue reading

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Fog of War

The Fog of War is a film about the life of Robert S. McNamara, the former Secretary of Defense under the Kennedy and Johnson administration. The film has a mixture of historical footage as well as interviews with McNamara by … Continue reading

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Imperialism and Today

After reading this article, many people might assume that this article discusses civilization identities and how these identities will replace all other identities, how nation states will disappear, how each civilization will become a single political entity, and how groups … Continue reading

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Places of Memory

In the article, “Places of Memory” by Karen E. Till she discusses how some of these places could be museums, monuments, cemeteries, statues, public buildings and squares, streets, historic preservation projects, plaques, and memorials. These things create symbolic space through … Continue reading

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Nationalism and Regionalism

Chapter 7 discusses similarities in analyzing perspectives associated with nations, nationalism and regionalism. We analyze nations as being not only powerful but also as being the product of modern states. We connect modern states to nationalism by looking at the … Continue reading

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Identity Politics and Social Movements

Chapter 6 starts off by defining identity, identity politics and social movements. It outlines different methods of comprehending what social movements are and how they connect with identity politics. The most important part of the chapter is examining the geographies … Continue reading

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“The Right to the City” Movement

The two articles that I chose to focus on were “The ‘Occupy’ Movement: Emerging Protest Forms and Contested Urban Spaces” by Judy Lubin and “Young People’s Voiceless politics in the struggle over urban space” by Kallio Kirsi Pauliina and Hakli … Continue reading

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