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What is geopolitics? It is the study of how important political issues and geography interact and the relations it creates between nations. The book talks about how geopolitics is centered around a group of ideas. These ideas create the framework … Continue reading

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What is the difference between nationalism and regionalism?  The term nationalism basically means that you are showing patriotism.  Having pride in your country.  A good example of nationalism would be the United States after September 11th, 2001.  Before the terrorist … Continue reading

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Tribute to Nelson Mandela: Reconciliation and the History of Shaffer Chapel

Last night I attended the Tribute to Nelson Mandela: Reconciliation and the History of Shaffer Chapel.  The event took place from 7-9 p.m. at the Student Center’s Ballroom.  The event was opened to the public.  The first hour of the … Continue reading

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Chapter six talks about identity politics and social movements.  The authors first talk about what identity is.  The book talks about how identity can fall under shared and common identities that include common social characteristics, gender, ethnicity, race, religion or … Continue reading

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Occupy; Gentrification

The first article I took a look at this week was titled, “The ‘Occupy’ Movement: Emerging Protest Forms and Contested Urban Spaces” written by Judy Lubin.   I did not pay a whole a lot of attention to these movements when … Continue reading

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Citizenship and Elections

Throughout the history of the United States, we have seen controversies in how elections are run as well as what makes someone a citizen. Before the civil rights movement in America, African Americans were not given the opportunity to be … Continue reading

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Before reading this post, I want you to open a new tab and Google the word “territory”.  The first definition states that a territory is an area of land under the jurisdiction of a ruler or state.  Breaking down the … Continue reading

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