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Geopolitics and Anti-Geopolitics

I never knew geopolitics had so many different classifications as to how it is looked and how things can be recorded.  Classical geopolitics I knew about or had an idea of how it would function, but seeing critical geopolitics made … Continue reading

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Fog of War

The documentary “Fog of War” provided an interesting viewpoint during some of the roughest times in American history and a period I honestly do not know that much about.  Listening to Robert McNamara during his time in office as well … Continue reading

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Imperialism and Colonialism

Back in school, if we talked about imperialism or colonialism, it was really only about our own state.  There would be some mentions here and there of these major European forces laying claim on other areas, but not to the … Continue reading

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Patriotism and Nationalism

As far as the readings went, I have always had a hard time distinguishing between nationalism and patriotism, and the reading did little to help me in that aspect.  To me, these ideas are held together by the joint idea … Continue reading

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Nationalism and Regionalism (and Crimea)

With nationalism and regionalism, I realize I have had confused regionalism for nationalism on a few occasions.  When I thought of the Yugoslavia issue, I thought that the identities within the territory would be considered that of regionalist rather than … Continue reading

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Gender Identity

In class the other day, the topic of gender identity was brought up.  At the time I could not put all my thoughts and views on the topic into words and ideas to keep it connected to where our discussion … Continue reading

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The way I viewed group identity and political identity as a whole is not too different from how the chapter has it, and for that I am glad.  Without some sort of group identity, it is hard to accomplish big … Continue reading

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