Geopolitics and stuff

From what I can gather from the chapter Geopolitics is the ordering, arrangement, and classification of the earth.  In practice this could relate to the invasion of a country or lending aid to a place in need.  I think it is interesting that the authors decided to include a short bit about considering a country an ally or an enemy.  When I think back to the olympics this past winter there is only one thing that comes to mind and that is Ice Hockey.  I am a sports buff so I know all about the miracle on ice story, so seeing the United States play against Russia for me built up a little resentment against the Russians.  Since the end of the Cold war we have never seen eye to eye and Putin is not a very pro-US kind of guy so for me the hockey game in 1980 and the one in 2014 meant so much more than a score, it was a way for one country to defeat the other in a competition that doesn’t involve killing or death.  This in my mind is Geopolitics, we arrange these ideas about a place in our heads and then in practice we can exhibit hostility or even hatred against another country.

The chapter goes on to describe critical geopolitics and the three types of geopolitics.  The first is formal which as the book describes is what we normally think of when we think of geopolitics.  Treating every individual as a member of the state or the states interest.  Practical geopolitics refers to the politician way of thinking and practical is in a sense geopolitics that is practiced.  These types of geopolitcs can be things like speeches and interviews.  The example used in the book is the 2002 G. W. Bush statement stating that Iraq, Iran, and North Korea are an “Axis of Evil”.  In doing this he grouped these places together in a more general category of terrorism.  The last type of geopolitics is the popular kind, so anything like a cartoon, media, or t.v. show.  When I think of popular geopolitics I instantly think of all the propaganda that was distributed and displayed during WWII.  I took a class is high school about WWII and we looked at cartoons that while very racist displayed popular figures like Bugs Bunny or Superman defeating the “enemy” of the state.  If a cartoon like that was displayed these days you would have a huge uproar but back then we were at war and you had to give the American people a face as to who we were fighting.  When any person looked at those comics they were engaging in anti-geopolitics since the people looking at the comic are never going to be senators or congressmen, thus they are engaging in a political action without even knowing it.


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