Geopolitics is a term that I may or may not have spent the last few years of my academic experience believing that I understood. It seems straightforward enough; geo-politics, or geographical politics. However, as with every term and/or concept throughout the duration of this course, it is way more complicated and complex than that. Geopolitics is founded in ideas. Through the understanding of geopolitics, rather, ideas are learned to not be taken for granted. Ideas are what decisions and actions are always rooted in; there can be no real practice without them. In order to be able to carry out geopolitics in the world, there must be some idea generation and thoughts about how things in the world are or should be laid out-and also how interactions and relationships proceed around the globe.

Geopolitics could be considered a fairly young terminology, as the first time it is really seen in the past is during the time of Nazi Germany’s dominance in Europe. However, the foundations and roots behind geopolitics are inherently present around the world always. Ideas of world politics are focused on with geopolitics; it indicates thoughts of ordering, arrangement, and division around the globe. In the present time, I believe that it is important for everyone to understand the workings and ordering of the world in order to understand how countries and territories are meant to interact, and so that countries can understand other places in the world. Understandings very rarely prove to be unhelpful in the communication between groups. It is easy to see geopolitics as an easy route to determining when war should occur; however, geopolitics gives us opportunities to be humanitarians as well. Caring for our fellow men, even if they are across the world, is essential for the sought after smooth, peaceful interactions in the world.

Geopolitics is heavily related to the early concept of “place”. It is focusing on the understanding and labeling of places everywhere. For example, we have deemed the “Third World” as a place that is in lower economic standing, as well a low general well-being. These ideas about this space determine our practices and actions in regards to this particular space. We have concluded that this is not an area of potential military threat, but rather a place that could use our aid. It is important for our politics to be rooted in ideas that have a spatial quality to them, especially in a world perspective. Geopolitics is our efforts in generating ideas that help us to label, order, and communicate with other special area of the world. This is essential in determining our actions and social place across multiple nations.

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