Watching the film I feel like the world’s perspective of itself is constantly changing. Mr. Macnamara puts a lot if importance on the value of hindsight. Being able to look back on our country’s past is the luxury of reading it like a story, like it didn’t happen to us because we can put distance between us. In our own lives we can take it as a sense of wisdom being able to use our successes and flaws to be able to create a credible experience and something to back our words up with. Watching how the people in charge of the world could so easily throw the world to war and destruction based on fears or rumors during the cold war is haunting and it feels good to think that those times are behind us and we can hold up the hysterical feeling of that era to an old political cartoon and laugh about how clouded it all must have been for people back then. It does make me ponder with the focus on hind-sight and constantly changing norms and perspectives what part of our modern times will be looked at in judgement.

We can still see the effects of WWII, Korea, the Vietnam War, and the Cold War today in our global politics. Our actions should be scrutinized further before action when the implications of these actions can have such a far reaching affect. The end of WWII saw the expansion of Russia into the USSR and it is the fall out from that that can be traced right to Ukraine’s political protests and the Crimea becoming once again a part of the Ukraine. As smart as Mr. Macnamara was he was not without flaw or regret as he openly admits in the film and that is a respectful trait in a world leader and something to be admired. There is a new task now of avoiding such problems before they arise as much as possible.

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