While the Huntington reading is talking about imperialism when it talks about modern/ future conflict sources being cultural in nature, I see this as being more of a source countries diverging and separating from one another. In Europe we see international bonds created economically and politically but we also see territories being divided as more states claim their independence. Europe has been a continent fought over throughout recorded human history and as the continent has found a few breathes of reprieve and tensions have generally relaxed, save for a few areas, states have the power and ability to peacefully separate from one another. I find this an interesting situation because almost simultaneously European states are separating and unifying. States are being watched, auditioned, and recruited for union with international powers like the EU and UN and the ones that are picked, can play ball, and offer what resources they have to help are offered influence, power, and wealth in return though support and membership with the unions.

This is the response to a hyper-connected post-colonialism developed world that is the west. The wealth and resources of Europe as well as the culture of its people has led to conflict from ancient times to present day. From the Vikings looking for treasure in gold and arable land sailing west to the Crimea being seized by Russia just a couple weeks ago geography has played a key role in the expansion and changing of hands of land. The borders of Europe have been transient at best. I don’t think that imperialism has come to an end we are constantly considering what can be offered to us by coming to some sort of agreement or arrangement with our fellow earthly companions. It was interesting to see the multiple sides of this be discussed and argued back and forth by the multiple writers on this section. I look forward to heaing my other classmates take on this as well.

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