With all we have talked we have done in class about the impact people have on place, the added role of a citizen in a state as discussed in this most recent text seems only an extension of this relationship. Just as people change place so to do the citizens influence their state. Part of the duty of a citizen in fact is their participation in shaping their state through politics both big and small. Even the argument about citizenship and who is allowed membership is mandated by the politics of the state. Citizens are not the only ones who make give care to the state but they are the ones with power in the democratic state able to use it to their advantage to bend it to their needs to fulfill the needs of those they would choose to assist and further empower themselves.

Looking deeper into the source of the power this is given to them with the right to vote for delegates of power in a shared sense rather than a sovereign control. People live in a state who are not citizens are often without this power and this puts them in a disadvantage that they are without power and little means to acquire it. With few opportunities and few prospects they strive for citizenship but often find further friction to attain their goals.

To be sure this is just another layer to add to the complicated definitions for ideas we are discovering and creating ourselves. The varying geographies and how we identify them, the states and their territories of jurisdiction, the people involved whether the are in or out of the space or place and what their social standing might be or what power they hold adds to the mountain of perspectives and contexts that are to be examined when looking at politics and people. So far this class has taken something only newly more than two-dimensional to me and shown me just how complex both geography and politics can be.

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