Spaces, Places, and Territories Oh My!

Its that point in the semester, the time of year where everything slowly starts to mold together and form one large idea.  That for me is these two articles.  We talked about spaces, and we gave them a definition, we defined places, and also warranted a definition for that as well and now we have reached another word that based on what we discuss in class and how we see it today is the EXACT same thing as the other two.  I understand now why learning english can be a pain because we can never just use one word for one thing, we need 13 words that all mean the same thing.  Ok, now that the rant is over we can begin talking about the articles on territory.

From what I gathered from these readings it seems to me that when we discuss a territory we are essentially discussing what a state or country is.  An area with a defined border, within that border is a set political power, and the social ideology of that territory varies depending on where you go.  I site the Basque region of Spain.  Geographically speaking that region is within the territorial boundaries of Spain, however that place or space is linguistically, culturally, and socially different from the entire rest of the country.  This I believe is where the relationships comes in with territory and space and place.  You must have a territory to then have a space, because if the territory or state does not exist then how can a space or place be created.  You could also look at various native american reservations in the United States.  I had the privilege of being able to visit the Navajo Reservation in Arizona and that to me is the best example of a territory inside of another territory.  The laws there are different, people are different, nothing about that territory is the same as the one surrounding it.  Neither of these articles to me did a good job with trying to define territory, rather they left that job up to us the reader to decide for ourselves what we wanted territory to be.  I thought that the discussion on sovereignty and nation states was also interesting since the examples that I have listed above to me fall under the nation state designation.  Things like nationalism and patriotism are big elements of territory such that they seek to define for the patron a sense of pride and security in ones own territory, and that that place where they reside is better that another place elsewhere.  Take America for example.  As an American I believe that America is the greatest country on the planet and while that might seem arrogant to say, it is within this territory that I feel my beliefs and political concerns have a home.

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