Sometimes the state is easy to see…

We had a good conversation today about the state and how it is involved in our lives in ways that often don’t fully catch our attention. But sometimes, you can’t help but notice the state. Like today after we all received this email:

“Ball State classes that were missed on January 6 and 7 due to inclement weather will be made up on January 31 and February 1, 7, and 8. The federal government has established minimum credit hour rules for all universities. These regulations are enforced by our accreditation process and guided by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. These requirements include the amount of time students are in class. In addition, the University Senate recently approved a credit hour policy, which defines the minimum number of minutes (or equivalent) per credit hour.”

The state has made a timely appearance! Notice that power is involved here as well. There’s clearly an element of coercion in the email but the regulations aren’t directly enforced by ‘the state.’ Instead other organizations are involved and the authority of these other groups is limited and defined geographically. But is there another way power is working in this example? And what about place? Feel free to weigh in by commenting on this post.

In the meantime, we’ll discuss how we will handle this together next week.

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One Response to Sometimes the state is easy to see…

  1. resslerj says:

    So what I’m hearing is “damn the Man!”…maybe my hearing is selective though.

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