This chapter was really interesting to me and brought some new ideas that I hadn’t really ever associated with the concept of place. For one I had really only ever place, especially in regards to geography, as an area or location. This chapter’s definitions definitely brought some new perspective for me. In particular the definition about culture and social norms giving place to social groups and whether one was out of place or where they would be accepted.

I think it is important to realize that both this chapter and the 1st chapter of the text book both make it clear that even in a relatively short period of time a large amount of change is possible in politics. Whether it is the rise and fall of empires, the social acceptance of women in the work place, or the legalization of marijuana and gay marriage around the world what is considered in or out of place is constantly shifting. With as transient as this is it is both daunting and reassuring; on one hand it feels like social progress is being made and we are forever moving towards more acceptance and tolerance, but on the other hand it is a tenacious reminder that nothing is certain and what we may hold as truths today may be questioned or disproved in the future.

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