Place article, Hannah Sheets

This article is very complex, but also very enlightening at the same time. “Place” has never struck me as a term of complexity, it seems to be self-explanatory. Through reading this article, however, I am blown away by how diverse and complex of a term it truly is. The shallow understanding of “place” is easily captured in the very first conceptualization, place as a physical location or site. This captures the idea that place is just something you can point to on a map, and that’s that. As the different conceptualizations are discussed, place becomes more and more than just a physical location. It can be defined in metaphorical terms, and regards the “social locations of people”. This is a foreign concept to me in my own understandings of “place”. How can a place be defined metaphorically? According to geographers, its not simply metaphorical-it is also real, physical places. Tim Cresswell was cited for his idea of moral landscapes, which is more simple for me to grasp as they are places where people “belong”. Everyone can understand what a sense of belonging is. I got a little bit lost when the idea of place as context was introduced, but from what I understand, context is the idea that social, political, economic, and cultural relations first attach to a space (or place), and then to people. The context is the “identity-of-place”. This is an even deeper ideal regarding “place”. Every place has a character, a personality, and that personality latches onto the people that reside in that place.

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