Before reading this past chapter on place, I had an understanding that the word place, only dealt with area. After reading this chapter I realized how broad the word mean. The author gives five different possible ways using the world place. First he talks about place a physical location or site. This was the definition I believe is most common and most widely used with the term place. The second possible definition is place as a cultural and or social location. This definition is more metaphoric. The third definition talks about place as context. This definition targets more social, political, economical, and cultural relations. The next two definitions are also geared towards a social side of place. The forth definition the chapter talks about, is the idea that place is constructed through time. The final definition the chapter talks about is, place as a social process. The author talks about how the previous definitions are more geared towards an outcome, where this definition is geared towards an “idea” of place towards an outcome. So how do these definitions relate place to politics? For me, this is where the chapter becomes harder to understand. Politics can play a role in the construction of place. Another concept the chapter talks about is the idea that politics is deploying place. The author talks about how similar this concept is with politics and the construction of place. Another concept is politics about place. And then the final is concept is politics in place. Like I mentioned in the beginning I had a general definition of what I thought the word place meant. After reading this chapter, I have discovered four other ways to look at place.

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