I’m a visual learner/person. I think in pictures. When someone says the word, “place I initially think of a map of the world or my favorite, “place,” the ocean. However it was interesting to learn that place is much deeper than a geographical location. From my understanding of the article, place has significant social implications which at times, seem more important than physical characteristics. Looking at place from a social standpoint makes me think that the main question people want to know by looking at place in this way is, “Do I belong?”.

Feminism is a good way the article addresses the question above. For centuries societies have taught young women that they are limited in the places they are allowed to occupy. In many cultures, that includes work in the home, as well as an exclusion from other places such as sports, culinary, and industrial fields. In other cultures, a woman’s place is as the leader of her home or community. Because societies tend to limit the places that women and minorities are allowed to belong, conflict arises. As societies continue to grapple with the concept of people’s ability and right to occupy a space, there will continue to exist an underlying question of belonging. Until communities can help people find their place, or not limit others to a specific place, conflict will continue. 

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